Friday, May 23, 2014

Behind Schedule

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted. Well, here is a collection of picture from the last month. I have some more that I will split into another post that will (hopefully) go up early next week.

Last year, we just celebrated Sara Beth's birthday with family up in Wisconsin. This year, Sara Beth said she wanted to have a birthday party with friends. We gave her a couple options, and she chose to go to Build a Bear with her friend a couple months early before everyone went out of town for the summer.  When the party started, I was walking Hudson in from the car, and by the time I arrived at the store, they both had made their decision and picked out their little white poodle dogs.
Since it was just Sara Beth and her friend, they got to spend a little extra on accessories for their new plush pets.
After Build-A-Bear, we crossed to the other side of the street to eat at Sonic and had rainbow cupcakes for desert.
I found some extra Easter pictures to post. Sara Beth is a huge fan of hard boiled eggs. Whenever Heather cooks up a half dozen and puts them in the fridge, they will all be eaten in a day or two. Heather, Sara Beth, and I dyed some eggs while Hudson was napping the Saturday before Easter.
We brought Hudson in on the egg decoration once the dye had been put away. He loved using the marker on the eggs.
Sara Beth had some cardboard decorations that could be fashioned into hats and skirts for the eggs.
To finish off, I wanted to show extra picture of Hudson searching for eggs on Easter afternoon.

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