Friday, June 20, 2014

The end of diapers and school

Well the day has finally come: Hudson has begun potty training. For the past several months, every time we clean his diaper, we mention that if he used the bathroom, he could earn a jelly bean (two jelly beans for going #2). The training is ongoing, but number of diapers used in a day has gone down to only one or two. And Hudson really does like getting to wear "Big Boy pullups."

We swung by my parent's house to check on the status of their grape vines. The grapes have grown to the correct size, but they are still quite tart. Sara Beth tried one, but ended up spitting it out since it was so sour.
We went out for Chinese food one day. As always, Hudson saw us eating with chopsticks and decided he needed to eat with them too. This time, however, he actually ate his meal with them and didn't make too big of a mess.
Sara Beth, of course, has had plenty of experience eating with chop sticks.
Sara Beth has started doing more chores around the house. She will set the table and feed the cats. She also scoops the cat litter some mornings at 6:20am while waiting for everyone else in the house to get up. Because of this, when Sara Beth saw a Hello Kitty lanyard at the store that she really wanted, she had earned enough money and excitedly purchased it for herself.

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