Friday, June 27, 2014

Tractors and airplanes

We recently went to Home Depot to pick up some solar screens for our house one Saturday. As we pulled into the parking lot, Hudson saw the row of lawn "tractors" out in front of the store, and he asked to get on them. He then proceeded to climb into the seat of one, play for a couple seconds, and then climb down and move over to the next one in the row. He wanted to try out every tractor that Home Depot offered.
Sara Beth was content to sit in the largest (and almost most expensive) one while Hudson tested out all the others.
Sara Beth decided one day that she wanted to wrap some presents for her mom. She crafted a full set of artwork and bead bracelets and then wrapped them all up individually. She then watched and helped as Heather unwrapped them all.
For Father's day, we went to the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The main part of the museum had some sort of event going on. They kept having people talking extremely loudly over the speaker system, so we quickly moved over to the kid's play area, which was much more calm and quiet.
Hudson found the controls for the kid sized airplane and he sat there for at least 15 minutes pretending to fly the plane.
There was part of a full size airplane in another part of the museum. Sara Beth and Heather bucked into some seats and pretended that they were flying on vacation.
Just in case you were wondering, FAA regulations that explain how to buckle a seat belt are unnecessary. Hudson figured out how to operate the latches without needing a demonstration from a flight attendant.
 Hudson and Sara Beth had swim lessons last week. Sara Beth's swimming skills are greatly improved. She can now confidently swim out in water over her head. Hudson did not like swim lessons as much. According to Heather, he cried for a vast majority of the time he was there. At dinner, when I asked him about lessons that day, he would burst into tears and kept repeating that he did not like his head to go underwater. One evening, after dinner, Hudson was playing in the swing and Sara Beth came over and said that she would protect him and help him to keep his head out of the water. Hudson was thrilled to hear that.
By the end of the week, when he had almost nearly calmed down from swim lessons, Hudson fell onto his face in the shallow end of the pool and scraped up his nose.

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