Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Easter and Moving to Alabama

We will start this story back on Easter Sunday and back in Dallas. Our church had an event to celebrate. Hudson was finally old enough to really get what was going on and ran out to gather eggs.I told him he could only gather a dozen so there were some for others. Once he got his twelve, he began to pick up eggs and hand them to younger kids.
When it got to Sara Beth's turn to gather eggs, she positioned herself away from all the crowds so that she could have her pick of the eggs since all other kids were bunched up at the far end of the area.
Another evening of popcorn, cheese and fruit over at my parents house. I think this was the weekend we watched "The Best of I love Lucy".
Heather must have taken the kids out for ice cream one afternoon while I was off at work. Looks like they were having fun.
For my Mom's birthday, Sara Beth made her a card. The card had a picture of my mom on it, complete with her purple cast and yellow pins in her toes from foot surgery.
Here we are making the final packing preparations for the big move to Alabama. Heather, Sara Beth, Hudson and two cats went in the minivan and I took the other two cats with me in the Porsche. It was a long trip for both of us with the whiny cats, but we finally made it to our new home with only minimal amounts of cat vomit.
Hudson and Sara Beth realized that there is still a fish in our fish pond so they embarked on a plan to clean out all the dead leaves and freshen up the water.
The first weekend we were in town, there was a monster truck rally that took place up in Huntsville. Papaw, Hudson, and I drove up there to check it out. I wore a NASCAR hat so that I fit in with the crowds. Hudson loved it, once he put his headphones on.
There is a small stream that runs under our drive way. Sara Beth asked to go play in it.
And of course, once Hudson saw his big sister playing in the water, he wanted to join. They both ended up getting rather muddy.
While unpacking, Hudson found the cat treats. Our cats were overjoyed with his gifts.
Hudson and Sara Beth continue to work on cleaning the fish pond, which always ends up with them getting soaked. One evening, I asked Hudson to stop cleaning and come to dinner. He responded: "But I'm not all wet yet"
Here I am trying out my new yard equipment. I have purchased quite a bit. Hudson is always within arms reach giving me helpful pointers on things to try.
He is also enjoying using his yard equipment, following me around the yard.
One weekend, we went to the Priceville Sheriff's Rodeo. For one of the events, they had participants come down for a race. Sara Beth and I went down. My legs gave out about ten feet before the finish line, but we had a lot of fun.
Hudson, with two of his fuzzy critters, Catta and Tiny Tiggs, relax with his mom on the front patio.
I helped Husdon hook up the new wagon to his tractor. It made for a decent wagon ride, though it got a little tippy when he turned too sharply.
It turns out that the lawn tractor is good for more than just mowing. We hauled the china cabinet in from one of the barns with minimal effort.
This is a picture of Sara Beth and what appears to be a turtle status. I have no idea where it was taken, but she seems to be having fun.

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