Saturday, May 14, 2016

Valentine's day and Packing up

 I know what you're thinking: wasn't Valentine's Day like three months ago? And the answer is yes, but I am just now getting to the pictures. Quite a bit has happened, and I am writing this from our new house in a different state, but I am getting ahead of myself. At this time, our house was on the market, so in an effort to keep it nice and pristine, we were staying with my parents with the cats. boxes.

Heather got to go to both kids' school Valentine parties. And, fortunately for me, she took pictures so I could see what went on. Hudson got to frost his own cookies.
 Heather helped out Sara Beth's class and they got to make fruit towers
Sara Beth had a school musical. Whenever I go to one, I feel torn; so many parents spend the entire performance behind their camera capturing the moment but I also want to just sit back and enjoy the moment. So, typically, I just compromise, and take a quick picture just to prove that I was there, then settle back and enjoy the event with my phone in my pocket.
It was time for the Fort Worth stock show, so, like every year, Hudson got to try out practically every tractor on display. He does have a preference for the John Deere brand though.
Sara Beth, on the other hand, decided that she wants a pickup truck. She found one that she could sit in and decided she wanted it. They had it offered at the special stock show price of only $60k. We told her to save her pennies.
While at the stock show, we had to make a stop by the Fort Worth Natural History Museum. They have the 3d movie of the formation of the Barnett Shale, which is always a favorite, and Hudson finally beat his sister at the horizontal drilling game.
Sara Beth has had braces for a while, and the orthodontist has said that her teeth are moving very quickly. My favorite part is that she will now show her teeth while smiling.
While at my parents house, Sara Beth wanted to play school with Hudson and I joined in. Fractions were the topic of the day, and Sara Beth had drawn some nice diagrams demonstrating the different amount of pieces that a pie could be sliced.
Some evenings, when he was not playing school with his sister, I would take Hudson out to the playground.
Just a fun Saturday morning lounging at my parents house, reading the latest tractor magazines.

So by this point, our house went under contract, so we moved back to make the packing process proceed more easy. On Sundays, Heather has to go early and setup and Sara Beth typically wants to go with her. Hudson will then ask to bike or scooter to church.
No idea where they are, but they look like there having fun. Or are scared. Not sure which.
Sara Beth's school had a daddy daughter dance one evening. They had a spaghetti dinner, picture booth and dancing. We had a great time. Sara Beth loves to dance, and while I am not great at it, we tore up the dance floor.
We went to the RV show to check out all the latest offerings. I think we saved over a million dollars with all the RVs that we didn't purchase.
Here is a picture from one of our last times eating popcorn cheese and fruit at the old house.
One night, Sara Beth asked to draw instead of read as I was putting her to bed. She the proceeded to draw anything I requested. I asked her for various sea creatures and she created an underwater zoo for me.
In preparation for moving, I mowed the lawn one last time. Hudson brought out his "mower" and followed me around the whole front and backyard helping.
Hudson got a bubble gun as a gift to play with. The bubble juice was used up within 10 minutes.
I think this was a picture from a birthday party that Heather took Hudson too; I'm not quite sure. The thing I am sure about is that Hudson seems to have the most expressive face in the group of kids.
One of the last pictures from our Baldcypress house. Hudson and Sara Beth were helping me pack boxes in preparation for the move. Well, I was packing while they were dancing to music.
Hudson loves to give his small tiger, named Tiny Tiggs, rides in his dump trucks and trailers.
Next time, I'll post some of the actual pictures of the move and of our new house in Alabama.

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