Saturday, March 19, 2016

Party like its three months after Christmas

Well, we have been busy packing up and selling our house in preparation for the big move. As always, things are a little hectic, but it is always an adventure. 

One Saturday morning, we decided to go out for breakfast at the Taste of Home in downtown Wylie. Everyone liked their breakfast, and after we sat and talked for a bit. Sara Beth pretended to be a kitten and wanted to curl up in my lap, but I began petting her fur the wrong way, and it made her a little grumpy.

 In the middle of January, while our house was on the market, we went down to Athens Georgia for my Great Aunt Alma's funeral. About 3 hours from our destination, the check oil light came on in the van, so I stopped at the nearest gas station, put in two quarts of oil, and then found the nearest Honda dealership. The kids were glad to have a break from driving in the car, and I was glad to find out it was just a stick valve, so $200 and 2.5 hours later we were back on the road.
 It was an amazing funeral. My Great Aunt lived the epitome of the Christian life. I just hope that my funeral will be like hers. People from all around the world came to share stories of how she followed Jesus and constantly served God.
Most often, Hudson asks Heather to read books to him at bedtime. Gone are the days where he requests me, though it isn't exclusively Heather that reads. Occasionally he will ask his big sister to read.
 While our house is on the market, we have been staying at my parents. It is much easier than having to keep the house in pristine condition with 2 kids and 4 cats. It would also be a chore to get all of them crammed into a car every time there is a showing. My parent's offer to let us stay has made the whole house selling process much easier.
 Here is a picture of Hudson asking my mom to read to him at bed time. Still no requests for me to read.
 Sara Beth will continue her horse riding lessons all the way up until the time we move in April. Heather took this picture of her during one of her lessons at the barn. I'm not sure exactly whats going on. I always thought horse riding involved being on top of the horse.
 One day, Heather took the van in to get the wheels aligned. The workers said that they could not align the back tire but the part was bent. So I brought out the impact wrench to take off the old part. Hudson wanted to help, but he wanted to get all the appropriate safety equipment before we got started.
While we are staying with my parents, my mom has begun to teach Sara Beth how to sew.
 And here is the finished product: a new purse that she can put her iPhone in.
 We brought Hudson's toy lawn mower over to my parents. One day, after I got off work, Hudson decided that the pile of dirt in the neighbor's yard needed to be mowed. He went over and mowed over all the clumps of dirt that were too high. He had fun all the way up to the point that he ran over a fire ant nest. Once that happened, he was done for the day.
 Sara Beth has been growing her hair out in hopes to be able to donate it, and, fortunately, the day finally came. As her hair got longer and longer, it got tangled more and more easily, and was getting to the point that it was almost unmanageable.  Here it is all brushed and ready to be chopped off.
 While Sara Beth was getting her hair cut, Hudson was off entertaining the other 3 workers at  the Sweet and Sassy shop.
 Here is the final product. I really like her new hair cut and I think Sara Beth's favorite part is that brushing her hair is easy and complete in a matter of seconds as opposed to a 5 minute ordeal with hair pulling and tears.

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