Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring time

The best way to kick of the new year is to jump into swimsuits and start building a dam in the stream. By the time we were done, I was overheating from lifting all sorts of heavy rocks, and the kids were getting cold. We went in and had some hot chocolate to celebrate a job well done.
I came in for work one day to find out that Sara Beth had created a crown for Hudson and wanted to have a inauguration ceremony. Hudson politely played along.
We have been playing a lot of Mario Kart together. Hudson will typically want to drive for the first 2 laps then quickly pass control for me in hopes that I can make up the distance in the final lap and get something other than last place. It typically doesn't work. He keeps choosing Bowser, who has the worst acceleration, despite my suggestions that he will do better with literally any other character.
Hudson loves building trash trucks and tractors with all his Legos. He doesn't like cleaning up the mess of Legos strewn across the floor when it is time for bed.
Hudson can bathe himself now, so I was surprised to hear him call me into the bathroom. I think I may have possibly put too much bubble bath mix in when I drew the bath water for hum.
So we were at Walmart the other day and Sara Beth saw a giant stuffed animal. She asked, "Can I have that?" My response, as always, was "Did you bring your own money?" The answer was no, but the next day, on the way home from school, she asked to drop by Walmart again, and this time, she did bring her money with her. She named it Iron.
When ever we got to Lowes, Hudson wants to check out the chain saws and back back leaf blowers. He keeps reminding me that he wants a full backpack leaf blower for his birthday.
My Mom made cookies for the kids for Valentine's Day. They were excited to hear that they could eat some of the cookies for breakfast.
Hudson got a bike from Heather's parents that did not have any training wheels on it. He put on his helmet and rain boots and asked me to teach him how to ride it. We practiced going up and down the driveway for a while after dinner.
Sara Beth and Heather were standing on the front porch talking to me the other day. They appeared to be nearly the same height from the angle I sat.
Sara Beth had a choir concert at her school. Hudson didn't enjoy the singing all that much.
Sara Beth needed to do a science fair project. I was all excited and ready to break out my idea, but then I found out that the project had to involve simple machines. So, after I readjusted my mindset and realized it was actually a engineering fair project, we got to work figuring out how many pulleys it would take for Sara Beth to be able to lift the lawn tractor. Turns out the answer is 15.
In addition to her Engineering project, Sara Beth also had a school presentation on a president, so she chose JFK. The day of the presentation, she dressed up as Jackie Kennedy.

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