Saturday, June 3, 2017


Another picture dump here. Catta looks so happy here. 
Rainey looks slightly more thrilled. But her dilated pupils reveal her true thoughts about the pose.

My parents came by on their way through to Atlanta. Sara Beth wanted my dad to read the American Girl Catalog to her for her bedtime story.
Hudson realized that he could fit into the cupboard, so for a few days he pretended to be a cupboard puppy.
I brought out my .22 to fire with Hudson and my dad. Hudson didn't want to try it since it was too noisy.
Hudson had an school concert. His class sang "The lion sleeps tonight"
Hudson got invited to a class mate's birthday party at CiCi's pizza. He got to try his luck driving in the video arcade.
I wanted to take some pictures of the rain and asked Sara Beth to be in a few.
A rare picture of all of us. We need to do these more often.
My cousin had us help out with a school project taking pictures with "Flat Nona".
Here is another one with Sara Beth holding "Flat Nona" under the waterfall.
Sara Beth and I ran 2 5k races this spring. In the first one, she completed in 43 minutes.
 In the 2nd, she ran it in 35 minutes and got a medal for 1st place in her age group.
After the race, she wanted to take a picture of me with the flower in my hair.

Sara Beth charges only 5 kisses for a hair cut.
Hudson had an Easter Egg hunt at his pre-school that I got to attend.
Here he is with all his classroom fiends checking out their haul from the great hunt.
On Easter, we did an egg hunt around our front yard. 
The kids sat down and got to examine their goodies.
They also got some "Hatchimals" from Memaw and Papaw, which is apparently this year's toy craze.
I came in one day to find the dinner list had been changed by Hudson to now consist of combinations of Macaroni and Hamburger

Heather's job had a "Touch a Truck" fundraiser where Hudson and I went around to sit in all sorts of equipment.
He had a blast.
But I think the Semi-truck was his favorite of them all. We went to that one several times during the day.
We got to watch Star Wars for popcorn cheese and fruit one night. It was a close call as to whether Luke Skywalker would be able to blow up the Death Star.
Sara Beth's Sunday School helped serve pizza to the church for a celebration one evening.

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