Monday, September 1, 2008

50% more advanced then the average baby

Yesterday, Sara Beth turned one month old.  It was also the first day that we all went to church together.  She did really well and, of course, everyone who saw her said that she was beautiful. 

According to Heather, who reads all the baby books, a typical infant leans how to smile in response to stimulis around 6 weeks of age.  I am proud to say SaraB has already achieved this skill 2 weeks early.  And considering that she is only 4 weeks old, that is 50% better!  I hold her vertical, talk sweet nonsense to her, and then bring her in for a kiss, and repeat.  After around the third time, she will begin to crack a smile.  

Sara Beth is constantly making some sort of noise while awake.  Mostly, she does one of her variations of a grunt, but she does add in some coos and sneezes for variety.  I really enjoy sitting with her and echoing her sounds back at her.  She looks at me and sometimes I will see a shadow of a smile as she waits till I am done making my sound before she makes her next one as we "talk" the each other.  

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