Thursday, September 4, 2008

Trying out the bumbo

For the un-initiated, a bumbo is a chair that helps babies sit up at an early age.  We tried it with SaraB and achieved limited success.

She slumps over to one side or the other unless we use her arm to prop herself upright.  Also, Heather introduced her to a new friend: Elle the elephant.  Though the below picture doesn't show it, they are fast becoming new friends.  

Life is beginning to settle into a routine.  I come home, pick up Sara Beth, and don't put her down until we sit down for dinner.  After dinner, I pick her up again and either go for a walk outside, or take her into the back yard with me to pull weeds until she falls asleep in my arms.  Typically, as soon as I come back inside, she wakes up and cries for her evening meal.  Heather feeds her, then, on bath nights, we bath her, then calm her back down, and put her in bed.  Other nights, I read to her and put her in bed.  Either way, I think I am getting used to this parenting thing.  It has been more than a week since I have even had an wild and zaney poop story. 


Melissa said...

She has grown!!!!

---jen said...

She's so beautiful! She looks a lot like her Daddy in that second picture. :)

Anonymous said...

This is by far my favorite picture (the one in the bumbo)!! She is def her daddy's girl!