Thursday, September 11, 2008

Six Weeks

Today Sara Beth turned 6 weeks old!  And I have not made a post in a week.  So consider this the catchup post.  The below picture shows her in her Sunday outfit:

This week we have had lots of people over, and are taking care of a stray kitten until my sister can come and pick it up.  To top it off, Sara Beth didn't feel very good the beginning of this week.  Needless to say, by the time I have some spare time, I'm ready to go straight to bed.  I have a 5k race on Sunday, but I'm not getting up early in the mornings to get any practice runs in.  All that being said, I'm having a blast.  I think the phrase "time flies when your having fun" applies.  

I have become good at getting Sara Beth to fall asleep when she is hungry.  Yesterday, Heather was doing the grocery shopping, and I wanted to keep SaraB with me at home.  Sara Beth started to get a little hungry about 30 minutes before Heather was to come home.  So I walked up and down the block with her, and after only 5 minutes she fell asleep.  I came back inside and sat on the couch relaxing with her sleeping on me.  At this point, it dawned on me that I would have a very unhappy baby on my hands if she woke up before Heather came home.  She would be hungrier and rather mad that she was tricked and her meal got delayed.  Fortunately, Heather walked in the door just as she awoke.  I passed the ravenous beast off to Heather in the nick of time.

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---jen said...

Look how big she's getting! :)