Monday, March 2, 2009

Mobilizing the Troops

Sara Beth is now fully mobile.  For her nightly bath, I have begun the ritual of stripping her down to her diaper, and then setting her on the floor in her bedroom.  We will then crawl to the bathroom together.  Now, obviously, this doesn't work if she has a dirty diaper; that would lead to a mess too big to clean up.  Sara Beth and I will play peek-a-boo around the corners as I crawl down the hallway ahead of her.  When I poke my head around the corner, her face will break into a big smile.  I can go into the bathroom, and start the water running; I'll look around and she will pull herself around the corner.  

However, there are down sides to this new mobility.  Heather had a full glass of water in her hand wile playing with Sara Beth in the play room.  The phone rang, and so she set her glass down in the corner of the room and went to answer the phone.  By the time she got back, SaraB had crawled across the room and had pulled over the full glass.  She proudly frolicked in her newly created mess.  We are going to be taking Sara Beth to the pool when it opens in the summer, but, apparently, she wanted to try swimming inside the house early.

In other news, Sara Beth's dexterity has improved enough that she can now stick food and sippy cups in her mouth, though she still is working on the hand-mouth coordination.  Either that, or she decides to chew on the cup's handle than drink from the cup.

Now that Sara Beth is crawling, she can now get toys for herself.  She will crawl over to the shelf and pull the stacked toys off the bottom shelf.  After fiddling with the toy for a little while, she will toss it aside and reach for another from the shelf.  By the time she is done, it looks like a foot tall tornado had come through the play room.  

Here we can see Sara Beth standing.  She can do this for rather extended periods of time and falls over only when she decides to reach for something too far from her center of gravity.

Heather loves to do yoga and Pilates, and Sara Beth is learning it as well. 

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Melissa said...

so, I see the bookshelves that I love so much are now toy shelves. LOL! Those are some awesome shelves and the baby next to them is quite cute herself....hehe~!

I so enjoy reading your blog, keep those stories coming!