Monday, March 9, 2009


Sara Beth got her third and fourth teeth in this week.  It was the two top right incisors, but the two on the left are going to come through at any moment.  Compared to the first two teeth, these were a breeze.  Very little in the way of drooling, smelly diapers, and general fussiness.  We did offer her a frozen banana to chew on, since the cold would feel good on her gums.  The first bite surprised  her; she hasn't had chewed on any frozen foods before now.  But after a few bites, she warmed up to the idea of the frozen fruit and ate it.  Suddenly, she went back to not wanting any more to eat.  I think she had her first "brain freeze." 

Sara Beth can now crawl like a champ.  She can now not only crawl over to a toy bin, but she now is able to reach up and pull it over, spilling blocks everywhere.   She certainly was proud of herself.

Every day it seems that she has acquired a new talent.  Today, she successfully fed herself some grapes.  Heather cut the grapes into eights to prevent choking and then dumped them in a pile on Sara Beth's tray giving her something to do while Heather and I ate dinner.  I'm proud to say that instead of just smashing them or knocking them off her tray, she successfully picked them up one at a time and stuck them in her mouth.  Only a few missed and landed around her chair on their travels to Sara Beth's mouth.  She consumed them so quickly that we cut some more up for her to munch on as neither of us had finished up our dinner before she was done with hers. 

If she wasn't off the charts for height, I would say that she will have a career in gymnastics.  She loves being flipped around or held upside down.  After spinning her around, head over heels, she will throw herself over her center of gravity in hopes that I will flip her around again.  She might not become a gymnast, but perhaps she could become a ninja assassin or something else that involves flips and spins.

And finally, while sitting in the front yard, Sara Beth put her newly discovered feeding skills to use.  She grabbed a piece of mulch and started to bring it towards her mouth.  I thought it was cute and tried taking a picture; Heather thought it was unsanitary and reached in and took the black tree bark from her before it went in her mouth.  Thats heather's arm in the below picture.


---jen said...

Oh, how lucky you are that she's reached the "Adept at Crawling" phase and the "Excellent Hand-to-Mouth Coordination" landmark at the same time! Fun times ahead indeed. :)

By the way, I'm so glad you guys are keeping a blog. We have some friends in Illinois who had their son two days after Sara Beth was born, and I love following watching the kiddos grow. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute!! I love her outfits!