Sunday, March 15, 2009


Now that Sara Beth can crawl about, the next obstacle that she has overcome is the step onto the back patio.  The weather during the early part of this week had warmed up enough that we left the patio door open to let the breeze waft through the house.  Sara Beth took it as an opportunity to get onto the back patio.  The patio is about four inches lower than the level of the carpet in the house, so we kept an eye on her as she traversed the uneven terrain.  We needn't have worried though, she went back and forth several times, and didn't crack her head open even once!  She didn't ever want to get onto the tiles on the patio; they hadn't warmed up enough yet, so she crawled on the patio door mat and back into the house.

The next day, the spring weather brought rain.  Past attempts to bring the cats out to play with us in the rain have ended in failure.  Sara Beth, on the other hand, had much more fun.   She kept trying to catch the drops and she loved looking at all the water pouring out of the drain spout.  We did put her in a nice warm bath after we brought her back in.

Sara Beth knows how her table works, and when we place her at it in the standing position, she will play with it for quite a while.  Sitting next to it, however, puts the table in a new perspective, and she seems to need to figure it out the best way to make it produce noise again.

This Saturday, the weather turned, so we stayed inside.  Sara Beth did enjoy standing by the window and looking outside.  She could just barely see over the window sill.  She did notice some birds in the yard, and squealed at them.  After church today, we went over to a friends house.  Their Pomeranian just had puppies, and so there were 6 inch squirming bundles of soft fur.  Sara Beth really squealed when she saw them.  Heather and Sara Beth both liked petting and playing with the puppies, but neither of them convinced me that we needed to bring one home.  Three cats is enough.

Finally, I wanted to point out that Sara Beth can now use her sippy cup in the manner intended by the manufacturer. She is rather good at it actually, now that she has figured out which part she needs to stick in her mouth.

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cmchrisk said...

what a sweetie smile!