Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our little climber

Sara Beth has begun to climb on stuff. Some times this is good: when we want to feed her, we tell her "Go get in your chair" and she will go to the kitchen table, pull out her chair, and pull herself up into it. She will sit in her booster seat and start messing with the straps in an attempt to buckle herself down. If her tray is in reach, she will try to put that on too. By the time we come over with the food, she will be in her seat and ready to eat. Other times, we curtail her vertical escapades. I found her standing on the window sill proudly jumping after climbing on top of her play table and then stepping onto the window sill from there. I captured her on camera climbing into her shelves.

We also found her climbing into her crib. When we found her, she was already half way in. We decided that meant she was ready for her big girl bed, so I began to convert her crib by removing the outer rail. Sara Beth enjoyed the experience, but she did take time out of her busy schedule to pose for the camera and say "Cheese."

Once the crib was converted, she explored her new bed. It all worked out perfectly fine for the first couple of days. After we determined that her trash can should be put out of reach in the closet, everything was going smoothly. Until Monday at nap time. Sara Beth decided that she did not want to nap in her big girl bed. At all. So she cryed, pounded at her door, and generally made a comotion in her room for two hours instead of napping. It was not a fun experience for anyone. We converted her bed back into a crib for now. We'll see if she is ready for the big girl bed thing in another month or so.

Toland came over one night, and Sara Beth took to him after her initial shy period. She kept asking him to read different books to her.

It is amazing to see how much Sara Beth's look has changed in the past couple of weeks. I think I can start to imagine what she is going to look like when she is all grown up. It is a bitter sweet realization.

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