Monday, January 18, 2010


Sara Beth loves her scents. I, personally, do not have a good sense of smell, so I use whatever soap is the cheapest, and I buy it the bars of soap in a 24 pack. Sara Beth, on the other hand, takes after her mom, and has an acute sense of smell. She loves to have a spritz of lavender perfume before going to bed each night, giving a "Mmmmmmm" sound every time. This week, she has gotten into the habit of climbing into the bath tubs and grabing the fancy soaps that Heather uses, and then walking around the house with them. The bar of dove soap has a small bite mark in it. Apparently her sense of taste is not as refined.

The cold winter is starting to ease up, so that going outside is a plesant experience. Sara Beth went outside and immediately started to collect leaves to put in her stroller while I started to take down the Christmas lights.

I don't know for sure if Sara Beth has the light in her eyes or if she intended to give me this face when I continued to take pictures after she was done collecting the leaves.

Sara Beth's obsession with cars grows. Whenever a loud diesel truck or motorcycle revs its engine, she will try to mimic the noise. While Heather and I washed the mini, Sara Beth sat contentedly in my car pretending to drive it, and pulling our and reorganizing everything from kleenex to bubble gum to car openers, basically anything that was not bolted down. She was very sad after it was time to go in once the sun began to set.

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