Monday, January 4, 2010

Say Cheese

Sara Beth now thinks that as soon as the camera comes out, she needs to stop whatever she is doing and start saying "Cheese." She will then try to grab the camera out of our hands. This new behavior makes it much more difficult to capture her in the act of doing something cute. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in action: attempting to record the event without affecting it is impossible.
Sara Beth had the drum straped around herself and was preparing to walk around like a member of the drum corps, but as soon as she saw the camera come out, she forgot all about her musical aspirations.

In the following case, she was tearing through Heather's makeup brushes. Heather had purchased a $1 set of makeup brushes that Sara Beth could call her own for Christmas, but that present didn't distract SB from her true desire: mommy's set of make up brushes. At first Heather told her "no" when Sara Beth asked to play with them, but Sara Beth said "please" so sweetly that Heather gave in. In no time, the brushes were strewn across the bathroom floor. She did stop her reorganization of the brushes to say "cheese" for the a picture.

If she doesn't realize she is being watched, she will continue in her inquisitive actions: like trying to plug in the mixer that she extracted from our kitchen cabinets (just like mommy). I am glad that Heather talked me into putting children safety covers on all the plugs in the house.

On a cold Saturday morning, Sara Beth decided that she wanted to go for a walk. So she went into her bedroom, and emerged with her scarf and hat that she dug out of the bottom drawer of her dresser. She then told us "ou-side" on the way to the front door. I added some shoes, mittens, and a coat to the outfit, but let her keep her pajamas on. If only I had dressed as well. I put on my running shoes, which work just fine in the summer time, but do not keep in the heat at all, since they conist of light fabric, a eight of an inch of rubber, and a strap. After going for a walk for half an hour, I brought Sara Beth back in side. She had a great time. I had to go run hot water over my feet to convince the blood to start flowing to my numb toes again.

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Unknown said...

Can you tell Sara Beth to slow down and not grow up so fast? She's getting so-o-o-o-o big so-o-o-o-o-o fast!