Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaf soup

Before I start, I did want to say "Happy Anniversary Heather!"  It has been a wonderful 8 years together, and, every year I fall deeper in love with you.  Thank you for marrying me.

So, on to the regularly scheduled blog post. It has been rather rainy and overcast this past week.  Good for the grass, but it does feel rather dreary.  Right after a rain storm, Sara Beth asked to go outside to to play.  She dutifully walked around the yard with her snack in one hand, collecting fallen leaves with the other.  She carried them over the the gutter drain and put all the leaves in it.  She then leaned down and began to sip her new soup concoction before we stopped her.

Sara Beth discovered that she can climb into the cabinets.  She will then pop out like a cute trap-door spider missing a few legs and say "Peek-a-boo".  

Even though we got a brand new camera, we did not put it to good use this week, so that is all the pictures.  We went to the pool a couple times.  Sara Beth had her pink "Dora the Explorer" water floaties on, and will walk up and down the steps of the pool, but she is still too nervous to float without a kung-fu death grip on either Heather or I when her feet can no longer reach the ground.  We're working on it.

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