Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Camera

Hurray!  After much moaning and groaning, we finally decided that enough was enough and we definitely need a new camera.  So if anyone wants a used camera guaranteed to cause frustration, just let me know.  So the last two pictures in this post and all future pictures will be with the new and improved camera, so that means that the images should all be in focus and no issues with it taking too long to snap the picture.

Sara Beth has been interested in building houses lately.  Now, "building" a house consists of having Heather or I put a blanket over her table in the play room.  She will climb in and pop out.  On days that she refuses to take a nap and acts tired, she will take her stuffed dog "pinkey" under the table with her and lay down relaxing in her own domain.

Sara Beth plus cookies are always guaranteed to result in smiles and a big mess.

We took Sara Beth to the park to play and try out the new camera.  Instead of playing on the swings or the play structure, she kept going to the locked gate, trying to get into the pool next door.

When we finally opened the gate for her she cantered into the pool area and looked around like a kid in a candy store (not that we would ever let Sara Beth loose in a candy store).  Heather sat by the edge of the kid pool and dangled her feet in the water.  Sara Beth followed suit.  Since I had shorts on, I got into the kiddy pool.  When Sara Beth realized that the pool had a bottom, she wanted in too.  She had a great time jumping and splashing around, and was very sad when we had to go back home to eat dinner.  Also, note how the below picture is in focus.  Isn't it great?

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