Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Useful training

My parents were in town this past weekend.  Sara Beth had a great time receiving all the attention and getting spoiled in a way that only grand parents are allowed to do.  On Saturday night, Heather and I went out on a date while Grandma and Grandpa watched Sara Beth.  We came home and received the report that she behaved and even helped Grandma with the proper nighttime routine and told her what to do next if she missed a step.

We have been working with Sara Beth to teach her all sorts of new skills.  This includes things like learning her letters.  She has "S" down, and some of the others as well, and mastering more every day.

She will now read by herself.  She looked so much like a big girl when she carried her dinosaur book over to the living room couch, pulled herself up onto it, and began flipping through it all by herself.  

If Sara Beth is going to have any hope of being as good of a cook as Heather, she is going to need an early start.  Heather is just that good.  Sara Beth watched as Heather made some M&M cookies, and then she helped me lick the mixer clean.

Sara Beth is a natural when it comes to washing cars.  Heather and I started washing about 4 months of dirt off my car, and Sara Beth picked up one of the unattended sponges and started washing the bumper clean.  One we were done with the front of the car, I redirected her to the side panels, and she dutifully wiped them down until I washed them off.  This repeated until we were all done.  I took the below photo a second after Sara Beth got a wayward spray from the hose as Heather washed the soap off the hood of the car.

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