Tuesday, September 14, 2010

After the rain

It rained quite a bit around here the past week.  Not quite as bad as the national news stations declared.  No one got washed away, though I did have to find an alternate route home the day it rained two inches in one hour as a road was flooded.  After the sun came back out, Sara Beth, Heather, and I decided to go down to the local creek to see the effect the rain had on it.  Sara Beth asked to bring all her friends.

And this is what we found.  Sara Beth is standing on the sidewalk as it goes towards what used to be the banks of the creek.  Sara Beth enjoyed throwing random debris into the water. As you can see below, she throws like a girl.

A little later in the week, Sara Beth asked Heather if she could sit on the counter and help make dinner.  Heather gave her a bit of cooked chicken to munch on while Heather concocted her recipe.  When Sara Beth asked to help stir, Heather needed to get another ingredient from the other side of the kitchen, so she let Sara Beth use the spatula.  Sara Beth tossed her half eaten piece of chicken into the bowl and mixed it in with the rest of the dinner before Heather could stop her.

One of Sara Beth's favorite recipes for us to make for her: mix 2 parts ice cream with 1 part M&Ms and serve chilled.  She consumed the entire bowl full in about 60 seconds.

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