Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Helping in the kitchen

Sara Beth has been helping out a lot in the kitchen this past week.  She helps take the junk mail out to the recycle bin.  In the below picture, she realized that I was trying to toss a James Avery jewelry catalog.  Instead of following me to the recycle bin, she started flipping though the pages, uttering "Oooh, pretty..." on almost every page.  If you look carefully, you will notice that she is holding the magazine up side down.

Quite often, while Heather and I are cooking in the kitchen, Sara Beth will want to sit on the counter and watch as we prepare a meal.  I left the butter knife within reach of her hands, and she decided she wanted to help by stabbing the butter.

Last Wednesday, Heather and Sara Beth made cup cakes together.  Sara Beth worked hard at putting the frosting on them.

Runnning around does take a lot of energy. Sara Beth is eating a tortilla here while the rest of dinner is finished up.  

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Judy Fort said...

This totally made me laugh - I can see her reading that catalog!