Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watch what you say

Sara Beth has gotten a knack for repeating phrases that she hears.  Heather will talk to the other drivers while traveling down the road.  So, as she pulls up behind a car at a stop sign, Sara Beth pipes up from the back seat exclaiming "Go Person!" to the car in front of Heather.  Heather, always looking for teachable moments, seizes the opportunity and explains how a 4-way traffic stop works.  Sara Beth responds by saying, "Hurry up mommy!"

In other news, today while Heather and Sara Beth were in the cleaning supplies aisle of the grocery store, Sara Beth declares "I need chocolate."  When Heather asked for clarification, Sara Beth explained "A good treat for a good girl!"

Sara Beth has been eating quite a few gummy bear rewards; each time she goes to the bathroom, we give her one or two.  Well, one time, I handed her the little squishy treats, and she bounded to our bedroom and flopped on the couch right next to the Gracie-cat to munch on them.  The cat was in a dead sleep, right up to the point when Sara Beth exploded into her personal space.  Understandably, the cat bolted from the room.  It just so happens that Sara Beth flopping onto the couch also knocked the gummy bear out of her hand.  So, now, Sara Beth is sitting on the couch without her treat while the cat bolts from the room.  Sara Beth came to the conclusion that Gracie-cat must have stole her gummy bear, so she leaps back off the couch and takes off after the cat calling after her to give  back.  This is all near bed time when she should be settling down.  I had to catch Sara Beth, bring her back and show her where the gummy bear landed, and then made her apologize to the cat for the false accusation.

My parents were in town for the weekend.  Sara Beth loved to read with them.

By dinner time Sunday, Sara Beth was exhausted and ready to go to bed.

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