Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bed time stories

When I put Sara Beth to bed for the night, Sara Beth will tell me bed time stories.  She will tell me about things in the day, like seeing a fire truck or splashing in a fountain, and other times she will tell me embellished stories, like how a bunny rabbit jumped into the sky near the moon and how Cookie Monster came over and ate cookies and strawberries and friends.  I was afraid to ask for clarification on that one.  Tonight, she said that she saw a loud train with a window.  I told her that if the window was open, then all the loud noise from the train would come in the window.  Sara Beth responded, "Train go inside window... no fit"

Who would have guessed that little girls like to play dress up.  Sara Beth and her friend Sophia tried out some of the dresses that Sara Beth got for her birthday.

When her friend Adrianna joined the mix, it became a high volume playtime in the bedroom.  They pretended to be sleeping, but as soon as any one of the girls got under the covers, the other two tried to tickle her.

If there is one thing that Sara Beth likes more than dresses, it is shoes.  She outgrew her old pair of house shoes, but fortunately, Heather was there to the rescue.  She kept her eyes open for a good deal on another pair and her vigilance paid of when she found a new pair for $3.  Sara Beth, of course, took off her outside shoes to try the new pair on right away.  

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