Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the farm

Heather took Sara Beth to a farm/museum/petting zoo down the road.  Now that Sara Beth understands how to pet the cats, she wanted to pet the chickens, but since they had a tendency to bite, Heather didn't let her.  She also got to wash cloths the old fashioned way, pick apples, visit a one room school house and have a wagon ride behind a tractor. The only thing that she didn't want to go near was the milking machine that looked like a cow.

Sara Beth uses her kitchen toys.  When I get home from work, she will occasionally run up, grab my hand, say "Come with me", and drag me back to her play room for some tea while Heather finishes up with making dinner.

Heather was trying to take pictures of Sara Beth while she was having a tea party.  She was so serious and not cracking a smile.  Heather said "Smile big.  Show your teeth."  This was the result.

In case you forgot, Sara Beth still loves to drink tea.  Heather left her "empty" cup unattended one morning and Sara Beth grabbed a hold of it and sucked every last drop of tea out from the bottom of the cup.

It has finally started to cool off ( relatively speaking).  Today, it was only in the high 90s, so Sara Beth played in the backyard quite a bit.  If she walks outside without sunglasses in the middle of the day, she will say "It's bright.  Where sunglasses?"  

This evening. after dinner, I took her around the block on her tricycle.  She can reach the peddles, but she prefers to propel herself forward by running with her feet on the ground while sitting down.  It works, mostly, but her arms will move in time with her legs.  Since her hands are holding onto the handle bar, the tricycle zigs and zags back and forth with each step she takes, and it is actually very effective.  Her top speed is better than my comfortable walking speed.

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