Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poop everywhere

There have been several poop related incidences in Sara Beth's life, but yesterday took the cake, as long as "taking the cake" means grinding poop into everything.  Heather went in to get Sara Beth in the morning.  As she walked up to the room, Sara Beth stood at the gate and said "need diaper change."  And then Heather smelled it: Sara Beth had been awake for a while and had been busy.  There was poop all over the floor and ground into the carpet.  It was in Sara Beth's hair, on her bed sheets, in her books, it coated her bracelets.  Unfortunately, taking a picture of the scene was not Heather's top priority, so there are no actual pictures.  But it took Heather 2 hours to clean up, and if you know Heather, you know how big of a mess it needs to be for Heather to take 2 hours to clean it up. Fortunately, everyone survived the incident.

Heather did some research about how to prevent repeat incidents.  Someone suggested putting a bathing suit on over the child's pajamas.  Sara Beth does like bathing suits...

Heather will occasionally drink coffee in the mornings.  Sara Beth will beg and plead to have some too.  So Heather will put some in "Sara Beth's cup"

Ice cream is also a favorite.

So one of Sara Beth's friends has a toy laptop and Sara Beth enjoys playing with it.  The last time we were at Target, a week ago, Sara Beth saw the toy on the shelves.  So when Sara Beth and Heather went to pick up some milk there today, Sara Beth reminded Heather that the laptop was still there.  She then batted her eyes and, since Heather was so impressed with her memory, Sara Beth is now the proud owner of a new laptop.

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