Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cookies and coconuts

Sara Beth has begun to sing to herself.  Unprompted at 7am, we will hear chorus to "Jesus loves me" repeated over the baby monitor.  It is really cute how she can't carry a tune.

We got a coconut from the store the other day and Sara Beth wanted to help open it up.  We carried it into the garage to smash it open with a hammer and screw driver.

Sara Beth, of course, wanted to use the hammer to crack it open, in her words, "all by herself."

Today, she got her flu shot.  In order to reward her for receiving it without much of a fuss, Heather decided to back cookies with her.  Heather handed the ingredients to Sara Beth, and she dumped them into the mixing bowl.  She then sampled to dough regularly while Heather placed them on the cookie sheet.

Once they got out of the oven and cooled off, Sara Beth and Heather sat down and had one to celebrate a job well done.

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