Wednesday, October 6, 2010

End of an era

This week, Sara Beth convinced us that afternoon naps should be optional.  She has now grown out of the napping stage.  For several weeks now, nearly every day has included a battle to force her to lay still long enough for her to pass out.  This week we decided that it wasn't worth the battle.  We still make her stay in her room and be quiet for an hour or two in the afternoon, but we no longer force her to stay laying down in bed.  She will still nap on occasion and everyone is happier with the new setup; it makes the afternoons more pleasant.  

Sara Beth is quite a runner.  This evening, after dinner, she and I went outside for a walk in the wonderfully cool evening weather.  Sara Beth decided that instead of walking we should "run and chase."  We ran around several blocks side by side while she repeated "run and chase, run and chase."  By the time we were done, I suspect we ran at least a mile.  On a related note, she fell asleep rather quickly this evening.

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Judy Fort said...

We really should let her and Dylan play if she likes being chased - Dylan likes chasing and so they would both be happy.