Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ever since Heather helped out a friend by picking her daughter up from school, Sara Beth has been enamored with the concept.  Four or five times a week for the past several months, Sara Beth will ask Heather "I go to school now?"  We had talked about putting her into school next fall when she is three, but since she was so insistent, Heather and I talked and decided we would let her go to a 2-day a week program.     

On Monday, Sara Beth was so excited for her first day that she posed for a picture without any of her usual antics.  Heather brought her up to the school, and Sara Beth walked right it, just turning around once to say "Bye."  Sigh.  They grow up so fast.

The day before, we sat down to eat dinner and watch the football game together.  Sara Beth really enjoyed watching.

Though at one point, she graped the whole bunch of grapes that we had brought for all of us to snack from, and began to feed them to herself, one handful at a time.

Sara Beth loves the Halloween decorations that are starting to come out.  Most evenings, after we have finished dinner, we will go walking around the neighborhood looking at the various displays that are out.  She likes the "creepy ones", but doesn't like the "scary ones."  She has not clarified the difference between the two, but if decorations are too scary, she will say "I not go this way.  I cross the street Daddy." She will then hold out her hand for us to cross to the sidewalk on the other side of the street to give the scary decorations some distance.  But she can never see enough, and we always have to come in before she is done.  Last night, as I was putting her to bed after bringing her inside, she asked to go see the moon, and I acquiesced.  Once outside, with the moon clearly shining in the sky, she said "Hm... I don't see it.  Maybe see it over there by decorations."  Very clever.

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