Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tea with extra cream

What could be more fun then drinking tea? How about drinking tea with whip cream!  We had some whip cream and fruit and were eating as desert after dinner.  Sara Beth noticed that Heather was drinking tea with her desert and decided that she wanted some too.  The combination of sugar and tea was consumed in a matter of seconds.

On Saturday, one of Sara Beth's friends had a birthday.  Sara Beth sat still long enough to get her face painted as a butterfly.  She also got the party hat and a party favor bag.  She liked it all, but the bag of party favors, or "party bag" as she calls it, is her favorite by far.  She has carried that thing around with her for the past 4 days almost non-stop.  She burst into tears when she wanted to go find the "party bag" and I told her she needed to come brush her teeth.  We ended up compromising: she could hold the bag in her hands while I brushed her teeth, as long as she put it down before she went to bed.

We got a care package from Heather's mom.  Heather had mentioned to Sara Beth that a special surprise was coming in the mail today. When the door bell rang, Sara Beth sprinted to the front door talking about her surprise.  When she saw it was a package, Sara Beth declared it to be her birthday and that she was going to open her present.

There was a lot of cool things in there. But, of course, the gloves and purse were Sara Beth's favorites.   

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