Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Summertime Activities

Summer is in full swing around here. Up until two days ago, the weather has been easily reaching the 100s. These past two days, thunderstorms have rolled on through about 2am. They douse the land with some much needed moisture, but the thunder wakes Sara Beth up, which means I wake up too, loosing some much needed sleep.

The peach tree in the back yard was growing like crazy in some rather undesirable directions, so I decided it was time to trim it. Sara Beth helped, making a fort out of all the branches I hacked off the tree. She requested to have Heather's gardening gloves on her, so that her hands did not get dirty.

Sunday was Father's day. One day, last week, Heather gave some markers to Sara Beth early one morning make a father's day card while Heather quickly showered. When Heather got out of the shower, instead of a nicely decorated card , she found a nicely decorated card with marks all the way down to her belly button. Fortunately, the walls and carpet were unscathed.

Sara Beth loves to give our cats treats. Whenever she gets it in her mind, she will run to the pantry to get out the cat treats, and then feed the treats to the cats, one at a time. Catta will always try to quickly run in and grab one of the other's treat, but Sara Beth will scold her and push her away.

This summer, Heather has involved Sara Beth in several baking projects. After learning about the sights and sounds and smells of a pond, Sara Beth got to help make lily pad shaped cookies. Sara Beth helped with the icing.

Here is yet another picture of Sara Beth holding "her kitty." Honestly, I don't know why Catta puts up with all the torment, as Sara Beth chases her through the house and holds her with grips more often seen in UFC battles. Catta may not be happy about the whole ordeal, but I think, deep down, she enjoys all the attention she receives from Sara Beth. Deep down. Really deep down.

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