Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Fun

This summer, Heather has put her teaching skills to full use. She found some activities at the local teacher supply store, and has laminated and prepared a full summer curriculum to keep Sara Beth engaged this summer. Sara Beth loves it and these days, when I come home from work, Sara Beth runs up to me and drags me by the hand back to the play room so she can show me what she worked on that day.

Heather also found someone to give Sara Beth swim lessons along our neighbor's girls. As an intro to swimming, one of the activities is to throw rings into the bottom of the shallow part of the pool and make Sara Beth pick them up, forcing her to go underwater to reach them with her hands. Sara Beth figured out she could pick them up with her feet.

Sara Beth loves the pool, and Heather typically has to drag her out of the pool hours after the lesson. Once they come home, Sara Beth crashes, exhausted, onto whatever float surface she can find.

All those activities require quite a bit of energy. Here, Sara Beth is trying to convince Heather that she should give Sara Beth some of her desert.

Poor Catta. Sara Beth's love for "her cat" grows by the day. We keep instructing her in the proper ways to hold a cat, but when Catta squirms to get away, sometimes things get a little more uncomfortable. But now, only one arm is around the cat's neck.

We got a new storage container for all of Sara Beth's stuffed animals. One day, Sara Beth found out that she could fit into it as well. Now she asks for us to close the lid and then as we or the cats walk by, she will pop up in an ambush.

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