Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waiting for the rain

With summer in full swing, Sara Beth wanted some cooler weather outside. Specifically, she wanted it to rain. So, she put on her rain coat and rain hat and waited for it to rain. She was saddened by the weather's lack of cooperation.

Heather continues to work on school projects with Sara Beth nearly every day. Sara Beth loves it, and quite often, when I walk in the door from work, Sara Beth takes me by the hand and drags me back to the play room to show off the project she had been working on that day.

Sara Beth loves the smarty candies. She found some behind the couch. By the time Heather came to investigate the crinkling wrapper noise, it was too late.

The highlight of last week for me was when Sara Beth and Heather made cookies and brought them up to me at work. Here, Sara Beth is helping to bake the cookies. This Monday, they came up and ate lunch with me. Sara Beth explored my desk and found her little toy raptor-on-a-keychain that I had commandeered for myself to fiddle with while working. She exclaimed "I have one of these too ... but I don't know where mine is." I did feel a little bad, so I explained to her that I took hers and let her take it back home.

Here are some more pictures of Sara Beth cooking, this time in her own kitchen. She is allowed to use this oven. She really mimics Heather's love for cooking. If she picks up on even half the skill of her mother, she will be an awesome cook.

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