Friday, January 27, 2012

Hudson party

The big news this past week is that Hudson has begun to sleep through the night. Sunday, he slept till 3:30am. Monday, he slept to 5:30am. Heather and I were starting to get all excited that this was his new sleeping schedule, and to celebrate, we stayed up late till 11 the next night assuming we would get a full nights rest. Instead, that night night, Hudson decided to wake up at midnight and fuss till 3am.Fortunately, last night, he went back to sleeping till 3am again.
 Hudson loves to be held. If we set him down to cook dinner, then he begins to get upset. Fortunately, Sara Beth is a great big sister and tries to keep him entertained until we can pick him back up again.
 Heather talks about how big Hudson's smiles are. They start at the top of his head and reach all the way down to the bottom of his feet. Hudson smiles a lot more for Heather than for me, but every now and again, he will break out into a huge grin for me as well.

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