Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Visit from the wise men

Sara Beth must have been paying attention to her Sunday school lessons around Christmas; her latest fad is dressing up in a blanket and crown and then claiming to be one of the wise men that came to see Jesus. I asked her if she was a wise woman, but Sara Beth didn't seem too keen on it since they weren't mentioned in that Bible story.
Hudson is growing like a weed. We now have had several people come up to us and tell us that he is now a real baby and no longer a newborn. We have had to put up all his newborn clothes and have moved into the 3-6 month clothes.
Sara Beth and Hudson pose for the camera, but I think that Hudson was more interested in getting his breakfast than in getting his picture taken.
Monday morning, when Hudson was napping, Sara Beth and Heather spent a morning playing "hair salon." They washed, combed and brushed a full assortment of dolls and stuffed animals.
So supposedly, it is winter. I'm not really convinced. A couple days, after I get home, we have gone as a family to the park. Sara Beth has become much more proficient at riding her bicycle. I have only had to carry it home once.
We put Hudson in the swing for the first time. His eyes opened wide up. I couldn't tell if that meant that he liked it, or that he was scared of it. I'll assume the first option and keep putting him in there.

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