Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out of town company

We are already to January 3rd, and I have yet to catch you up on all the excitement around here. So I am still behind on the blog posts. This one comprises December 26th through yesterday. And once this is published, I will be all caught up. Who would have thought that having two children would be so time consuming?
  Heather's mom and step-dad were able to come in town to visit. They got to play with Sara Beth and hold Hudson, which meant that Heather and I could sit and have a bit of a break.  I think everyone thought they were getting the good end of the deal on that one.
 While shopping at the local Sam's Club, Sara Beth went in one cart with "Ms Cindy and Mr Dennis" and went off in one direction while Heather and I went in another direction to fill our own cart. When we met up at the checkout lane, our cart was full of practical items like cat litter and popcorn, while Sara Beth's cart had some strikingly pink items in it. When we got home, Sara Beth had to try on her new stuff.
 This past week, we also went ice skating for the first time. Sara Beth enjoyed it, as long as I held her up. I enjoyed it too, once I found a pair of ice skates that did not crush my feet into pulp. And holding up 40 pounds of dead weight while in a crouch was a good back workout.
At one point, she did want to ice skate on her own. She successfully went back and forth from me to the wall of the rink several times, then she wanted me to help her spin like the professionals on TV. After a while, we had to get off the ice for the Zamboni machine. The driver kept smiling and waving at Sara Beth as he circled past. Sara Beth decided she wanted to meet the driver after he was done on the ice.  I was not as amused about her wanting to hang out with the first guy that gave her attention.
At the end of last week, Assi and her friend Sue were able to come by. It was good to catch up with Assi, and, of course, it is always fun to show off Hudson to whomever comes by to visit.

  I think Hudson really enjoyed everyone that came in town and held him last week. Now, he figures that he needs to be held at all times, and if he is not being held, then he will work his hardest to inform us of this. We're slowly easing him back into the real world. 

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