Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cookies and Tummies

Yesterday, I worked a full day at my job, the first full day since Hudson arrived. Heather has almost completely recovered from her c-section. I can tell she is doing better because she has resumed cleaning and laundry again instead of allowing anyone else to do it for her. 

Today, Heather and the kids went over to my parents house to help bake Christmas cookies. Sara Beth studiously placed the red-hots on the cookie Christmas wreaths and pressed out the sugar cookies.
 We thought that Hudson should start doing his "tummy time." Sara Beth loved it, never fussing when she was placed onto her stomach, and Hudson appears to be the same way. He pulled his head up and looked around for quite a while. Sara Beth sat next to him and practiced her flash cards for colors, shapes and letters. She got all of them right and was showing them to Hudson one at a time so he could get a head start on learning.

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