Thursday, December 1, 2011

A warm December

Its December first, which means: first day of the advent calendar. Sara Beth has been eagerly awaiting this day since we put it up at the beginning of the week. After a busy morning of practicing her gymnastics moves around the living room, Sara Beth got the opportunity to open the first door. 
 Hudson still sleeps like a champ. He did cause a little trouble last night around 1am when he couldn't decide whether he was hungry or sleepy, and he kept deciding the opposite of what we were providing at that moment.Once we began stripping of his swaddled blankets and me poking him, he stayed awake long enough to finish eating and the crisis was averted.
 We got several packages in the mail today. Hudson got an authentic University of Alabama outfit from Heather's dad, which Heather was very excited about, and Sara Beth got a box of candy from Heather's cousin, which she was excited about.
 She got to take the sucker with her while we went on a walk around the block, taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather. By the time we got home, this is what Sara Beth's face looked like.
 Also, while on the walk, Sara Beth found a burnt out Christmas light that she wanted to turn into a necklace. I eagerly got out the soldering iron out and began to attach a ring to the bottom of the light bulb to loop some ribbon through. She was excited, until it began to smoke and emit the typical solder odors. Then she was less interested in being nearby.
 I must say, Hudson is like a tranquilizer. I planned to hold him on the couch for a while. Heather took this picture of me in the middle of my hour long impromptu nap.

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