Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More cookies and a bath

First of, Heather wanted to point out that Hudson grew 1.75 inches for his 2 week checkup, not a measly 1 inch. I stand corrected.

Since Hudson arrived and Heather has been recovering from the c-section, I have made her lay low and stick to reduced activity levels. But when Sara Beth requested to bake Christmas cookies with Heather, she couldn't resist saying no. Sara Beth was having a lot of fun until too many of the yellow sprinkles gushed from the container. That resulted in some tears, but it all got resolved in the end and eventually all the cookies were decorated and she ended up giving some to her teachers at school.
 Hudson got his first bath yesterday. Sara Beth said she wanted to help, and we figured it wouldn't be an issue for a little while. Sara Beth actually did a good job of cleaning his belly and arms. I handled everything below the waist, and Heather cleaned Hudson's face and hair. All in all, it was a success.

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The Alcorn Family said...

such a cutie! can't wait to meet him!