Saturday, December 3, 2011

Glass and pictures

Well, yesterday was exciting. Sara Beth got to go to the urgent care center. She stepped on a piece of glass, and it embedded itself too far into her foot for me to extract. So we go to the local urgent care center. All the way, she is asking if she is going to get a shot, and we couldn't give her a definitive answer. The answer turned out to be yes, the doctor did give a shot of lidocaine before digging around in her food. That was Sara Beth's least favorite part of the trip. Her favorite part was when they gave her a handful of suckers to munch on, though one did end up getting stuck in her hair.
 Heather made some tutus for our friend Melissa. In exchange, Melissa said she would take some photos of Sara Beth and Hudson. From what I saw, the photos look excellent.  She really has a way with kids.
 Initially, Sara Beth was not interested in getting her photo taken at all. After some persuasion and a pep-talk, she reluctantly agreed to it. About half way through, she really got into it, especially when she saw that Hudson got his picture taken too. Every shot that Hudson got, she wanted to be photographed in a duplicate pose. This got difficult when Hudson's picture was taken in a basket that Sara Beth couldn't fit.

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