Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well, this was a long week. In the middle of the night, I hear Sara Beth calling from her room, "my tummy hurts". I go back and take her to the bathroom and bring her back to bed. She still says that her stomach hurts and asks for some tummy medicine. She has done this many times before as a delay tactic to avoid me going back to sleep. I tell her she's fine and make her lay down to go back to sleep. Then she vomits. All over her bed. And her hair.
  So it turns out she really wasn't crying wolf this time. We have been very fortunate as this is the first time she has been really sick. She mostly laid around the house not eating until she felt better Thursday.
Hudson, on the other hand, has been eating like crazy and growing like a weed. Heather took Sara Beth to the Dr to check out what was causing the vomiting. While there, Hudson got a checkup, and the Dr's exact words were "this amount of growth is not typical". He has gained another pound.
  But he now fusses through the night, so that had cut into our allocated sleep time too. Who thought having kids would be so tiring :)

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