Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, these weeks seem to be going by more and more quickly. Hopefully it had something to do with it being Christmas. Yes, I do know Christmas was already a week ago. And, yes, I'm behind on the blog posting, I'm planning on catching up this weekend.
  So, lets get started.  Jill came down for a week of relaxation before Christmas. And how better to relax than with a sleeping Hudson. He works like a tranquilizer.
On Christmas eve, we went to my parents' church along with Heather's aunt, uncle, and cousins. Right as we sat down for the service, Hudson started to make noises in his sleep as if he were hungry, so Heather whisked him out to get ready to feed him, but he wouldn't eat. After service, we all went back to my parents' house, and Hudson decided to finally eat right as we were sitting down for dinner. He successfully prevented Heather from being in the service and from eating with the rest of us. He has pretty good timing for things like that, but on the other hand, Hudson gave us a wonderful Christmas present by nearly sleeping through the night. He got up at midnight and 4am, but slept the rest of the night!
  That helped us get some rest because Sara Beth was definitely ready to open her Christmas presents in the morning. We let her open the gifts in her stocking and then got ready to go to church since it was Sunday morning.
 After church, we went to my parents' house for lunch, and then back to our house to unwrap the mountains of gifts that had appeared. It was a little crazy how much there was to unwrap. We went around the circle unwrapping gifts one at a time. About half way through, Sara Beth grew tired of unwrapping and went in the other room to play with the gifts she already had, so the rest of us took turns unwrapping the rest of her gifts.
 We tried three different times to get a Christmas family photo. In every situation, at least one person was rather unhappy.
 I may just have to break out the photoshop tools and create a composite photo.
Notice that in the one photo where Sara Beth decides to smile, Hudson decides that he is now unhappy.

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