Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hudson's dedication

Well, you know how I have been saying that Hudson is a champion sleeper and that Heather and I have been getting tons of rest? Well, I take it all back. The past several nights, he has been a rather restless sleeper, and has kept Heather and I up most of the night. This more closely matches the expectations about having another infant around, and we did get some reflux medicine for Hudson on Friday that should help with the issue.

The big news is today, we stood up in front of the church to dedicate ourselves as parents to raising Hudson as part of a God oriented family. Sara Beth came up to, though I held her the whole time since she was a little apprehensive about being in front of the whole church.
A package came in the mail from Heather's dad and Assi on Friday. Sara Beth saw the gift to her and asked to open it early. Heather acquiesced, and Sara Beth got to work playing with her new unicorn puzzle, though she did need a little help putting it back together again. 
Hudson has really started to fill out. He definitely has a double chin now, and, in addition to keeping us up in the middle of the night, he is also starting to be more aware of us during the daytime, and has begin to track us with his eyes.
 He is also getting really good at pooping. Really good. The picture doesn't really do this justice, so let me give the story. Friday night, Heather is playing with Sara Beth while I go to give Hudson a bath. I draw the bath water and undress him. I then take off his diaper as I move him up into the tub but not quickly enough. He squirts a good amount of poop onto my pants. At this point, I stop and call out to Heather to bring me a wipe to clean myself off. Hudson then squirts some more onto my other pant leg. I figure he is definitely done by this point, but he proves me wrong by then pooping again on the carpet and the side of the tub. Needless to say, Heather ended up giving Hudson a bath while I took a shower.
Quite often, we are asked how Sara Beth is handling being a big sister. So far, she has been wonderful. If Hudson is crying in his swing, she will ask if she can go push him. She tries to help me carry his car seat around, and this morning, she sat down in front of him and ate her breakfast while watching him sleep.
School let out for winter break last Thursday, so they celebrated their happy birthday Jesus party in class that day. They had a book exchange.
 And got to eat cupcakes. They also had juice boxes, but  nearly all juice boxes contain apple juice in them. Sara Beth's digestive system reacts poorly to apple juice (in her own words, she has said it turns her poop into syrup). Fortunately, Heather had a spare water bottle for Sara Beth to drink, so we were syrup free that day.

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