Monday, December 5, 2011

Family, games and books

Heather's aunt and uncle were able to come over on Sunday to hang out for a while. Hudson, of course, made an excellent arm warmer while Sara Beth performed her duties as a tour guide, pointing out her play room, her room, and Hudson's room.
 I have been trying out different genres of video games with Sara Beth to see if any of them interest her. So far, she has gotten a kick out of the original Mario Brothers and Marble Madness. This weekend, I tried the more recent Zelda: Wind Waker. She really enjoyed the more cartoon appearance to the game and so we played it for a couple hours over the course of the weekend. Sara Beth sat in my lap and helpfully pointed out whenever I missed a coin or when to hide when I tried to sneak past a guard.
 I went into work for the first time since Hudson was born. I only worked in the morning, so that I could slowly ease back into things. I was a little concerned that Sara Beth had gotten used to me around the house and would cause trouble now that I wasn't around. I needn't have worried. Instead, she tucked Hudson into a custom made pink bed (with Heather's help), and then read to him.

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