Monday, February 6, 2012


Sara Beth has significantly matured these past two weeks. She said she wanted to take the money in her piggy bank to buy a stuffed animal. We counted it up and told her that $5.43 was not going to be enough, but that she could trade some of the stuffed animals she does have with some extra stuffed animals we have in the attic. She did trade some out but then asked how she could get some more money. I told her if she dusted the house, I would give her 10 cents. I think we both came out ahead on that exchange. I then told her that she could start earning an allowance. Her first responsibility is feeding the cats. Every morning since then, she has gotten up to check the cat's food and water bowels. Also, she likes talking to Heather on my cell phone whenever she can.
My Aunt and Uncle came into town to visit my parents this past week. Sara Beth really took to Aunt Carol and wanted to show her all of her toys and asked if she wanted to watch cartoons with her.
Hudson has been very smiley recently. He will grin from ear to ear quite easily, and really turns up the charm for women. There has already been one instance where a mother, who had decided she was done having kids, has now decided to grow her family after seeing Hudson a couple times.
Sara Beth said that she wanted a doll house. Heather suggested that they build and decorate one themselves. So they sat down and began to overhaul a cardboard box. Sara Beth put up a gigantic TV with hearts on it along one wall, and Heather built and upholstered a cardboard couch in wrapping paper. Sara Beth decorated the walls with wallpaper and the occasional bat sticker. She was very proud of how it turned out once they were done.
Hudson has returned to a steady and relatively consistent sleeping schedule. Most of the time he will sleep through the night with one feeding around 4am and then he takes a long nap in the afternoon. Today, however, his long afternoon nap continued into the evening. Around 8pm, Heather and I look at each other  and decide that we should go wake him up so he can have his medicine and one last feeding for the night. Hopefully, he hasn't thrown himself off of schedule; I don't want to stay up too much past midnight tonight.  Here is an unrelated picture of Hudson smiling.

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