Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Party

This past week Sadie, Heather's cousin, Eric and family came up from Florida to visit. It was a lot of fun to watch them run through the house chasing each other around.

I took Friday afternoon off and we all went down to the Aquarium in Fair Park. Of all the fish and aquatic animals to look at and touch, the encounter that Sara Beth liked the most was when she found a plain empty shell in their aquatic equivalent of the petting zoo. We tried to convince her to pet a sting ray, but She was not nearly interested. As an aside, since Eric deals with aquariums as his day job, walking around the aquarium with him was like having our own personal tour guide as long as all the kids stayed in the same place. As soon as they scattered, we all had to go in different directions to catch all them. Hudson was the easiest to keep a hold of.
Saturday night, we had the Millers back over, along with Cliff, Kathy, and Peggy for dinner. It was good to see everyone, and Heather's ice cream cake was a hit with everyone including the kids.
Wesley brought out a lot of the toys that Sara Beth has not played with in a while. I think that when he did that, Sara Beth remembered how cool they all were. The day after they left, she brought out her doctor kit and gave her pony a checkup. I think she said it had apple juice on the brain.
Hudson was not quite as interested in pretending to be a doctor. In fact, he got rather sad when Heather gave him the stethoscope.
However, he was very interested in Sara Beth when she began to operate on him.
I brought out my guitar to play and Sara Beth immediately wanted to play it. I began too show her how to hold the instrument but she didn't want any instruction as she could do it "all by herself." When she found that my years of practice meant I was much better at it than her, she was no longer interested in playing and wanted to go to her room instead. We had a talk about how it was ok to not be good at something right away, and that it takes time and practice to get really good at things. I don't think she was fully convinced.

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Rebecca Frech said...

They are so cute, and growing up much too fast.