Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Abilities

Phew. Another busy two weeks! The time seems to fly by faster and faster. 

Sara Beth has decided that she is old enough, and she doesn't want to be an adult. I tell her not to worry and that she isn't going to be an adult for a very long time. That is not enough reassurance for her, so for the past couple nights, she has prayed to God that she stop growing.

She collects empty food containers from our kitchen and adds them to her kitchen. When we finished off the bottle of syrup, she said she needed it because she was going to cook pancakes for us.
A little later that week, we were enjoying the 70 degree Texas winter weather outside, and she decided she was going to bake a fairy cake with Heather.  So they gathered the ingredients from around the yard and "cooked" them in front of her play house.
Sara Beth's school singing performances are still enjoyable for me, but I think that Sara Beth does not enjoy them as much. She has told us that school is boring and that she would rather stay home with Heather. We have repeatedly explained that both Heather and I were sometimes bored in school too. Sara Beth has decided that she would have more fun if Heather home schooled her, which would be fine except that Sara Beth just wants to things once, and gets frustrated with Heather whenever Heather asks her to practice something again. Sara Beth figures that after writing one letter "A" that she now has mastered that skill and no longer needs to practice that letter.
Though she gets bored repeatedly writing the same character more than once, she never tires of repeatedly taking pictures with our camera. The camera has become unreliable lately. I suspect that these two facts may be related.
Up till now, this post has mostly been about Sara Beth, but Hudson wanted to be mentioned as well. Not content to merely lay around, he had a pony ride with Sara Beth.
He has become a lot more interactive as well, and his little personality is really starting to grow. Now that he is getting older, he will entertain himself in the bouncy seat for at least minutes at a time. When we initially put him in there, it would only be seconds before he began crying to be picked up again. Now he will grab (or at least try to grab) the butterfly shapes and the rings that are within his reach for up to 10 minutes.
He also wants to eat adult food really really badly. Now that he can use his hands, he takes every opportunity to try to put things in his mouth. Especially when we are at the dinner table. We went out to eat breakfast Saturday, and he successfully grabbed a plate, knocking it onto the floor and breaking it. We have to be careful with him while eating dinner as he is eager to repeat that trick with our plates as well. No matter where you move the plate, his head tracks to keep it in the center of his vision. He is so ready to eat like us
"big people", and doesn't care when we explain that he needs teeth first.

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