Friday, March 30, 2012


The past couple of posts have had a lot of pictures of Sara Beth and not quite as many of Hudson. This post will rectify that situation. Sara Beth is still up to her regular antics however. The other day, Sara Beth spontaneously broke out in song at the dinner table. It began with the words "I love you, but I don't love scorpions, because they hate me and they pinch"
Summer has come early this year. I'm hoping that means all the heat to be used this summer will be spread across more months making each individual day less hot. In reality, I think we are headed for a summer that will break the records set last year. The upside is that, for right now, going to the park is a pleasant experience. Hudson is chilling in the swing with his fishin' hat on.
We have also introduced Hudson to the "jump-a-roo".  He can now use both hands together to coordinate grabbing onto things and the fancy seat provides many opportunities for him to practice this newfound skill. He gets really excited on the thing and will bounce back and forth since when he focuses so much on the hands that he forgets to use his feet to hold himself up.
When Sara Beth used the "jump-a-roo", we had disabled all its annoying sounds, but this time, Sara Beth likes to help and turns them on for Hudson to listen to. Hudson definitely prefers it when Sara Beth helps, and will stare at the flashing lights that are activated with the "music." 
I know I have said this already, but Sara Beth really has been a good help. She loves to feed Hudson, and Hudson will just stair at her with a smile on his face whenever she starts talking to him.
Hudson can nearly roll over. He got really close and Heather was working with him on it, but then he got distracted by his toy and decided to practice his "putting things in his mouth" skill instead.
Sunday morning, Hudson was once again drooling as he watched me eat breakfast. I was eating a banana, and decided I would share it with him. He absolutely loved it. I think that bananas are his new favorite food. I fed him a combination of milk, rice cereal and banana for dinner one night. He recognized that the spoon brought food to his mouth, but didn't realize that I needed to take it out of his mouth to get the next spoonful. So, every time I took the spoon out of his mouth, he would begin to cry, which made my job eaiser. His mouth was wide open in the middle of his cry by the time I had the next spoon full of food ready to put in.

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