Sunday, April 8, 2012

The big race

So last Saturday (the 31st) was the 6th annual "Muddy Creek Run", a 5k race and 1 mile walk in our neighborhood. I always try to do the 5k, and this year, we thought that Sara Beth would be interested in doing the 1 mile run.
Hudson decided to sleep through the whole thing. My mom held him till I finished the race, 23 minutes later.
It was a fast enough time that I placed second in my age group, so I received a metal and got to shake the mayor's hand. The mayor noticed that I was holding some little pink sunglasses and asked if they were mine. I said "yes" and put them on. From the back of the crowd I heard Sara Beth say "No! Those are my sunglasses". 
Sara Beth practiced her tree climbing skills. She easily hopped up to the first branch without issue, but it got a little more tricky after that.
After the race we went to a park to eat a picnic in celebration of my Mom's birthday. Sara Beth was playing hide and seek with my dad after lunch. Grandpa had the camera and Sara Beth tried to keep away from it, so there were a lot of pictures taken of empty space, but there were some good ones of Sara Beth interspersed among them. Good thing digital cameras cannot waste film.
Although she cannot successfully swing from ring to ring, Sara Beth is really close. After swinging on one ring with both hands, she then asked me to help her. I agreed, and lightly held her to take some of the weight off her hands. She then let go completely and just wanted me to walk by each of the rings while she lightly gripped them one by one.
Hudson has really gotten into the baby food and constantly shows interest in eating more and more food off of our plate. I haven't given him anything like tacos, yet. Heather did let him suck on a strawberry top, which he seemed to enjoy.
It is pretty easy to make Hudson smile. Typically, he will be grinning and cooing unless he has a diaper or if I try to give him a bottle. Heather went to Bible study one night, and I tried to convince Hudson to drink from a bottle before going to sleep. There were some disagreement between Hudson and me about the suitability of a bottle. I clearly heard him say "that's not how my mommy does it." But he did finally wear himself out, fell fast asleep, and slept straight through the night, so I considered it a success.
One morning, I sat down to eat breakfast when Sara Beth burst into song. The words were "I love you, but I don't love scorpions, because they hate me." I think she has a bright future in showbiz. With the nice weather, Sara Beth has been outside collecting things to build a "fairy house". And she has become a discriminating expert on building materials. She sorted all her sea shells then sat down with Heather to describe what makes one shell better than the other.

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