Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Shoes

So for those of you who don't know about my discriminating taste in shoes, I love to wear toe shoes. It is just like walking around barefoot, but I am not in violation of stores' "No shirt no shoes, no service" policies. Sara Beth had been asking for some as well, and since being mean is part of a parent's job description, I hadn't gotten any for her.  Well, fortunately, being mean is not part of the grandparent's job description, and so Heather's mom sent a pair for her.
Look out world, Hudson can now roll over. One day he went from his being on his back to his stomach, and then, later that very same day, he successfully rolled back to his stomach as well. And now, any time you lay him down on his back, he will very quickly flip to his stomach and struggle to move his arms and legs in an attempt to begin crawling. I have been helping him practice standing up by placing his arms on the couch and then letting go. He can hold himself upright for several seconds before his hips pop out from under him.
Sara Beth and Hudson got all dressed up for Easter Sunday, and I thought they looked adorable, and I know everyone else thought so too. I have proof. Sara Beth wore her pink dress. Every time she wears it to church, she gets 2-5 compliments about what she is wearing. And Hudson, well, he is literally the  best chick magnet I have ever seen. Any time Heather or I go out in public with him, we will be swarmed by women. Just today, Heather said that three separate people came up to rub his head at the store.
For Sara Beth's Easter basket, Heather purchased assorted goodies including a Tinker Bell doll, a butterfly net, and some coloring books. If you look in the below picture however, you will notice a distinct lack of Tinker Bell in the basket. That is because, about a week ago, Sara Beth found her in a closet. She came to us with a giant smile on her face and said "Mommy, look what I found!" We let her keep it.
We filled about 12 plastic eggs with candy and I placed them around the back yard. Sara Beth went through the yard and enthusiastically collected all of them. I let her know once she had gotten all of them in her basket, but she wanted to keep looking, just in case. Then she came inside and continued to look around the house in case there were any more eggs in the house. I did actually surreptitiously took some of the eggs out of her basket and re-hid them in the front room of the house so that she would actually have more to find when she looked in there. She obviously had a lot of fun, and I have decided that there is no reason not to have an egg hunt at other times through out the year too.  
Sara Beth and her best friend Ashlyn rode their bikes around the block together. Halfway around the block is Ashlyn's house and when they got in front of it, she stopped and asked "Can Sara Beth come in and play for a while?" It seemed she had it all planed out even before she began the bike ride. 
Hudson adores Sara Beth. He definitely looks up to his big sister, and not just because she is taller than him. Sara Beth played some hide and seek with Hudson and I in the couch cushions. Every time that Sara Beth was out of eye sight, Hudson looked intently around searching for her, and then, when she popped out from behind one of the cushions he broke out in the biggest smile and started cooing and laughing at her.

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